Wii makes games available for older generations

Retirement communities across the world are stocking Wiis as residents are discovering the joys of video games that are more accessible to non-teenage-boys.

At the Sedgebrook retirement community in Lincolnshire, where the average age is 77, something unexpected has been transpiring since Christmas. The residents, most of whom have never picked up a video game controller in their life, suddenly can’t put the things down.

“I’ve never been into video games,” said 72-year-old Flora Dierbach last week as her husband took a twirl with the Nintendo Wii’s bowling game. “But this is addictive.”

The Wii has become so popular at Sedgebrook that on Sunday afternoon there will be a video game bowling tournament in the lounge. More than 20 residents have signed up to compete.

People who were otherwise intimidated by video game consoles are getting into the Wii. The real world games like bowling are already well known and people who otherwise couldn’t get out to play or physically unable now have this option. It’s also building real world community interactions (not just online) which is how technology should work for us.

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Residents as old as 103 have ditched knitting and bridge after getting hooked on the console.

Wii Fit!

We’re getting closer to merging video gaming and exercise! I always loved the Wii controller and how it brings games and people closer. Video games are not just for button mashing teenage boys anymore. The Wii has opened up compelling interactive experiences (or “games”) to a much wider audience of players.

The Wii Fit and it’s special controller is making moving fun. Moving should be fun. Our bodies are meant to do it. But in our modern society where alotta people do the same repetitve tasks or site at consoles all day our bodies don’t get the movement they evolved to do. We’re getting fat, we’re getting unhealthy. The toll that takes on our society is hard to even grasp. I can’t wait to see more of this Wii Fit. I’ve experimented with other fitness games before and i’ll poist reviews hopefully soon.

Effect on mental and physical fitness

Ok so the idea is how one might be able to utilize games not just for entertainment but as a means to improve oneself. How can games improve mental and physical fitness? I’ll just touch upon these ideas and get into more detail later.

Concerns about video game’s effect on the brain and it’s link to violence and attention span have long been debated. In a similar vein though, games have been lauded to improve problem solving and multitasking skills. Now games such as BrainAge use gaming platforms to train people’s brain. Studies and experiments are being flung about and i’ll start to post them here as i come across them.

A no-brainer is how games can get more interactive and improve physical fitness. I’ve been saying for YEARS how video games have sucha potential to make workouts fun. I can sit down and play a fun game for HOURS, workouts though seem to last forever. Making exercise fun through video games can make exercise rewarding enough to get in shape. Bally’s and all those workout places need machines all hooked up like an arcade with leader boards, progress tracking and interactive assisted coaching. Imagine that! In the very least it wouldn’t be so hard to make an interface from workout machine as a controller at home to video game console. The technology is here, we just need the creative to build it!