Real world game interactions

New York based game developer area/code specializes in “real-world games”. The real world integration using technology bending techniques exploring social dynamics is brilliant. I originally found them through this Sharkrunners article but perusing their website I’m finding more interesting examples. I’ll probably circle back to this for further examination.

The Discovery Channel is using Sharkrunners, an online game, to teach people what it’s like to be a marine biologist who is tracking sharks. The game is easy to play, but original.
Players are given a virtual boat and virtual crew. They use it to track real-life sharks that have been tagged with a GPS recievers. When a boat encounters a shark the player is alerted via email and/or SMS. The player has three hours to select how to try to collect data about the shark and its behavior. The goal is to gather as much data about sharks as possible.


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